veggie and egg kanapki

Polish Open Face Sandwiches – Kanapki

  • Author: polishhousewife


small, thin slices of bread, rye, pumpernickel, baguette

for the first layer

  • salted butter, at room temperature
  • cream cheese & herbs (optional)
  • whole grain mustard (optional)

your choice of toppings

  • thin slices of deli meat or smoked salmon
  • thin slices of cheese
  • sliced hard-boiled egg
  • sliced bell pepper
  • sliced radishes
  • sliced pickles
  • sliced olives,
  • sliced tomatoes
  • fresh herbs


  1. Whatever bread you’re using needs a generous layer of butter. It can be unadorned salted butter, or you can kick it up a notch. Try mixing equal parts of butter and cream cheese and add in your favorite herbs. Another option is mixing equal parts butter with whole-grain mustard. This mix too will benefit from tossing in a few herbs or thinly sliced green onion.
  2. Add your toppings. Don’t feel like you have to layer an item all the way across your little sandwiches. You’re creating a composition. Maybe you add a small piece of a protein, a paper-thin piece of radish, a sliver of yellow pepper, a tiny spring of dill.
  3. Present your kanapki lined up on a tray or plate. If you have if have paper doilies to put underneath, all the better.